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Flower of Barcelona Bracelet

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Product Details

The icon of Barcelona, art-nouveau solid stud earring, is a very simple flower with four petals.
This symbol is found in the famous PANOT, This tile that covers the sidewalks of BARCELONA is made of cement, sand, and water. It has an inverted relief, which allows to sometimes accumulate water, dust, or earth.
It is in all the neighborhoods of Barcelona and if you want to see it you just have to look down at your feet.

These beautiful earrings with the profile of the flower of Barcelona will remind you of this beautiful city full of art and design.

They have a snap closure and you can have them in 18k gold plated steel or steel.

Stainless steel jewels have strong advantages: first, they are hypoallergenic (they do not produce allergic reactions), second their resistance, and third, but not less important, being stainless they do not spoil with the passage of time or when they get wet, either by sweat, the shower or the saltwater of the sea.