• Nour Abou Abdo

Rope Sandals

Launching its first collection to retail customers via multi-brand footwear stores, boutiques, and chain stores in 2015, Bohonomad offers eco-friendly, vegan, and 100% handmade rope sandals to its customers all around the world. Bohonomad rope sandals are designed both for men, women, and kids and made from high quality, super light, and long-lasting vegan materials. Rope sandals, known as Jesus sandals, are stylish and comfortable enough to withstand long hours. You can combine rope sandals with any outfit, smart or casual. Whether you’re going to a concert or a dinner party, rope sandals are perfect for every adventure.

8 Reasons You Need Bohonomad Sandals

  1. 100% Handmade.
  2. Eco-friendly and recyclable.
  3. Socially responsible.
  4. Vegan.
  5. All models are original and registered with a design patent.
  6. Comfortable and easy-to-wear.
  7. Suitable for both casual and smart outfits.
  8. Fashionable, with so many color options.

Hi-Tech Features Including:

  • Can be used in any environmental condition: Mud, sand, and saltwater.
  • Machine washable and can be dried in direct sunlight or can be safely spun in the dryer.
  • Do not contain any carcinogenic and allergenic substances.
  • The outsole of rope sandals is made of natural rubber. Natural rubber is a high-tech material that boasts a large stretch ratio, high resilience, and is exceptionally waterproof.
  • The sole is soft and durable, and the superlight sandal structure gives the feeling of going barefoot.
  • Completely handcrafted.

Stylish and Comfortable Rope Sandals for Everyone

All women, men, and children can enjoy the unique comfort of Bohonomad rope sandals have to offer. While they provide a comfortable feeling and functionality to its users, Bohonomad rope sandals also stand out with their chic style to match casual summer outfits, dresses, pants, and skirts.

Rope Sandals for Women

Bohonomad women’s rope sandals are handmade, fun, washable, lightweight, adjustable, comfortable, and match perfectly with classic and casual summer outfits. The outsole made of natural rubber offers flexibility and durability. While many sandal models wear out a little more quickly than expected, Bohonomad women’s sandals are durable enough to last for years and can be used roughly at any condition. If you are looking for the perfect bag to match your sandals, rope bags will be the right choice for you.